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My friend and I are enjoying this game quite a bit. We are hoping for some great add on's and game features. 

Some things I would like to see that may or may not be in the game yet. 

Traveling to different yards with completely different Biomes: A yard of islands from to much sprinkler time. A wasteland yard from improper care. 

Bugs: Rolly Pollys that we can ride, Dragon Flies that we can fly, Praying Mantis, Rhino Beatles, Caterpillars, Eearth worms, Pincher bugs, Moths that attack the light at your base, June bugs that ram your base at night because they are blind as a bat. Murder Hornets, Winged Ants, Furry Ants, Snails (I did see a shell), Daddy Longlegs, Bees, Stick bug

Mammals and reptiles: Frogs, Lizard, Fish, mice and Birds. The truly terrifying creatures. 

Getting into houses and setting up villages just like the littles. 

Hot wheel track from getting from place to place and have races. 

Bushes where we can build our homes, up  up and up. 

Tic-Tack Elevator

Insect raids. 

Yard Raids for PVP Bases and trading. Each Yard is its own clan. 

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On xbox, it would be nice if there was a visable on-screen indicator to show when you are crouched,  or else allow you to sprint from a crouch without having to stand up first.

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