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Arrows Fall Through Floor Occasionally

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What's going on?
When firing arrows which stick into terrain, namely the ground, there seems to be a relatively high chance that when the arrow unsticks itself from its target, the arrow will drop through the floor and off of the map. 

How to Replicate:

  1. Fire an arrow directly at your feet,
  2. Wait roughly 8-10 seconds for the arrow to unclip from its target
  3. The arrow will either fall to the ground OR fall through the floor and off of the map.

Here is a walk-through for clarity (link to gfycat video)

Perceived Impact:
Since this only happens when arrows stick into the floor, and the cost of arrows is relatively cheap, I don't see this as a pressing bug.

Additional Notes:

  • This does not appear to happen if the arrow sticks into targets, or into vertical, non-floor objects (ie: walls, Mystery Machine, etc.)
  • This bug increases in frequency the more vertical the arrow is.
  • This is not a 100% chance to happen, but in my testing it happens about 20-30% of the time.
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