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Good game but

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I actually like the game and concept of it. Reminds me of honey I shrunk the kids. Just a few things that I’ve noticed so far that might want to work on first. 1 if you want feed back from inside the game? Then please, make a proper feed back option, not the emoji and a selection of auto gen answers to choose from. I’d like to say the exact reason myself like” the feed back option locks the controls down once sent”. No really that happens and I have to turn the whole game app on Xbox off. 2, where are the build options coming from? 1st I can build walls but no roof or floor, later roof just randomly pops up as an option along with scaffolding, but no floor so scaffolding is useless. 3 the build options are off. I tried to build a simple box, 3 walls and 1 door but, the first three walls went up but door would not snap in, instead I had to snap it up a foot to pop it on leaving a huge gap on the floor to claws under. Your build mechanics seem to want me to build on a flat surface but, there are no flat surfaces in the grass area. Also without a floor how do you build a second floor scaffolding again seem useless without this option in build mode. Again I kinda like the game but these need to be fixed first. Oh one more thing I just thought of. The water food mechanic, drinking bad water eats away food? Eating somewhat bad food eats away water? And it does this way to fast. It took me awhile to figure out the dew and roast part. I feel the penalty is way to high tho. Drink till full on water only to loose all food or eat till full and loose all water. Leaves no time to explore at first.

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You get the floor later on via unlocking for raw science points. In regards to the food/water penalties. I dont mind them because they make sense. Since the only drawbacks you're complaining about are the actual penalties for consuming bad  water or food, it sounds like you're just not that great at survival games or just want a survival game to be too easy and less of a survival game and more of an exploring game. Try drinking clean water by exploring and finding pop cans or juice boxes. Try cooking your food or only eating mushrooms/get mushroom garden. The point of a survival game is everything sucks in the beginning and you have to struggle to eventually have basic commodities like clean/consistent/convenient food or water. Just curious, but you sound like the type of person to also want private servers/PVE servers in Sea of Thieves. Maybe you should just stick to fortnite or other PG less intellectual/requiring critical thinking games.

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