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List of encountered bugs

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These are all pretty much for the guest in our game. Both PC, via Steam. Specs of PC running into most issues are; CPU: i7-6700K, GPU: EVGA GTX 980 AC SC, 16GB RAM, loading from an SSD. Windows 10 (most current release). Drivers are up to date. 

- repaired tools don't work, as if still broken. Hitting a grass blade with a repaired axe, immediately switches to fist and does no damage to the grass.

- inventory keeps resetting hotpouch items for guest, requires placing desired items back into hotpouch slots after sleeping, every day.

- water drops bug out and stay visible for guest. As well, there are usually items floating in the water drop (items seem to somewhat random...always cassettes in the mix though)

Let me know if providing video for any of these would help, or if there's a better way to report bugs like this.

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