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Walls Too Thin and Other Feedback

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One of the main problems that I've had has to do with walls. First of all, they are glitchy to construct, as they don't always want to sit above ground and will sometimes be half under the ground. But I think a bigger issue is how walls don't seem to matter at all. Insects, I assume because of their hitboxes, can almost ignore walls or glitch through them. Ants will steal things from containers inside of my house from the outside, spiders (when they spawn in the starter area) will be able to reach and attack through walls, and most insects can glitch their way THROUGH the walls to get to me and my stuff. In all, there are a lot of issues with walls that make them almost useless until scaffolding/foundations, but those are both farther in the game unless you know what you're doing already. 

Insect AI is also a bit off. Spiders and other aggressive insects will gravitate towards the player, even if they cannot see them. Like when I walk outside my house in the starter area and there is a spider, so I retreat back into my house. The problem is the spider will then walk towards the house and stick it's head and legs inside the house. If you attack it, then it will aggro to you and kill you through the walls. If you leave, there's a good chance the spider will aggro to you and chase you down. If you do nothing, the spider will just sit there trying to get into the house forever. I understand that mobs will migrate, and I think larvae coming to the starter area is ok, if not annoying at times, but spiders are almost impossible to deal with in the early-mid game, and your only solution is to die and hope they leave before you respawn.

I don't want to leave this on a negative note, so I want to say I'm really enjoying the game. It's visually appealing, has an awesome, unique premise that is engaging for a survival game, and is a blast to play, both solo and with friends. I can't wait for future patches and expansions to add more to see and do.

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