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Spiders are pretty broken and another bug.

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Not sure if this is intentional but at least in multiplayer spiders seem pretty severely broken. They appear from the ground or the air (the wolf spider in the cave under the wooden plank didn't exit the cave. Just jumped through the ground to exit). Their health resets randomly and if they do kill you they stalk your body making resurrecting a teammate impossible. Also in the event you do kill one they seem to drop a wholly unworth it amount of loot.

In the demo they were hard but didnt feel cheep or broken. Now they seem like either they are intentionally there to be avoided or over the top cheep.

Also, in multiplayer when collecting the glowing green stalks in the cave with the mites (sorry not at home to check the name atm), they show in your inventory but the people not hosting dont see them disappear visually.


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Nerfed? Well maybe on easy/normal. On Woah!, they need a buff imo. Maybe they wouldn't be that bad on easy/normal when AI/Spawning/mechanics are fixed. Currently, the enemies are way too easy to cheese. Maybe more attack patterns and the ability to attack players higher up. Like poke players down with front legs or something.

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I like the current difficulty. People just need to learn the game mechanics before talking about nerfing things. Also keep in mind there is a weapon and armor progression system in place. Things get easier to kill with better items.  I struggled early, but in the current state of the game the toughest enemy for me is the wolf spider, some people even say the bombardier is tougher than the wolf spider.  You should have to fear for your life while running around, it makes for compelling game play IMO.

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