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Multiplayer xblox live account cant login on PC

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Hi there,

multiplayer says i have to login with my xbox live account. After doing this (external window with xbox live login) the game states "offline user" and multiplayer still saying i have to login.

Still the same after 20 retries...

Is multiplayer on pc working in early access?

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Just bought the game so i could play with some friends.. but for some reason it won't let me go online... When i login to the xbox live and it shows profile with the button ready to play button i press it and it turns to the menu and im still offline and then i can press the login button and enter all my login detail again... this is a loop i can do over and over and nothing happens at all....

im using Bitdefender free antivirus and even if i disable it it's still the same... can't figure this out..


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Hi Guys...


Got the same issue....

Cant play Online.


i got it to work. a guy found this:

"i got it to work by going to my games in console companion and clicking start game from there"




I cant play with my girlfriend. We played one on xbox with game pass, and one on PC with steam. Two different MS accounts.

Now i can play with my MS account on PC, but i use the game pass....

So my girlfriend cant play on game pass on xbox anymore...


AND i cant use my steam save....

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