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Why Obsidian destroyed arcane casters and warlocks on NWN2?

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I just wanna know. I had no problem soloing IWD:EE as a sorcerer(DD) on insane difficulty, except the final boss, which took a couple of tries. BG1/2 i also loved being a caster. But spells on NWN2 are so nerfed compared to P&P, that when i played vanilla, i ended using most my party members and spending most of the time on ground.
In fact, a lot of spells which was amazing even on NWN1, like Black Tentacles which had caster level + 8 to hit and grapple routine, on NWN2 has a fix +5 to hit meaning that warlock chilling tentacles or a sorc with black tentacles will never hit anyone with decent armor(AC >= 25). Cloudkill is literally one of the best mid tier spells and worthless in NWN2 too. And summons, why a single weakling summon limit? Animate Dead had a consistent rule of your caster level * 2 HD worth of undead.
Much better than spending 90% of the game on ground "dying"
I only got a good time as a caster when i installed spell fixes. Which fixes a lot of spells. And despite initially hating warlock class, when i discovered the P&P 3.5e warlock, i fell in love with the class and even installed a mod called Warlock reworked which fixes the bug on Eldritch Blast and fixes almost all invocations. Unfortunately you can't fly as a warlock, but can teleport, transform enemies into toads permanently, use eldritch glaive, pick epic feats like eldritch sculptor and master of elements and so on. The nerf on warlock is so ludicrous that i saw people who played 3.5e D&D warlock thinking that 5e NERFED warlock while people who played NWN2 but not P&P thinking that warlocks got BUFFED on 5e. I honestly don't like mmos, nor mechanics like cooldowns and number inflation but had far more fun playing DDO as a warlock than NWN2.
Is not that DDO WLK follows P&P rules either. But the rule alterations is not that bad either. Sure, i can't transform enemies into toads, but Carceri warlocks can cast a Absolute Zero spell learned from a Frost demon which petrifies in solid ice permanently targets on ice. I can't cast invocations with no limit on usage BUT i can cast powerful spells like wail of the banshee and disjunction. The eldritch blast damage is not pure force, which can be seen as a nerf on versatility not on power but having the patron which teaches magic to you determining the damage of your EB is cool.
Someone can say "balance" but sorry. Join on any non modded NWN2 server. Everyone is using martial weapons. On NWN2, is clear that martial > divine > arcane. And honestly, balance is entire subjective. Some people can say that arcane casters only serving to craft items to martial classes is perfectly balanced. On BF1, people complain a lot about shotguns and snipers, the less used types of weapons in the game. At the same way that seeing a character in a book adaptation to a movie being completely destroyed is not fun for the fans of this character, seeing the most iconic greater invocation of your favorite class being worthless is just frustrating.
I know that NWN2 will not change a decade after his final patch. I just wanna understand why someone decided to butcher so hard arcane casters?
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3 hours ago, rjshae said:

I've no idea. Play balance? Maybe they adjusted it to match the PnP rules?

Well, i aborded """balance""" idea and no. Everyone on nwn2 servers are martial classes and they din't adjusted to P&P version. They nerfed to the point that for eg, Cloudkill is useless.  Was my topic not clear?

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