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I know this place is quiet, but I'm really enjoying getting back into this game for another play through before having a crack at PoE 2.

I'm a soft min/maxer at heart, and prefer playing with in game NPC's. I don't generally super charge my MC and instead try to spread good gear around to everyone.

I'm mostly looking for any items I should be using, in lieu of items I might be over rating or just don't need as much as I think. Mostly because I probably don't know any better. I don't think I need to go over talents, I think I have that pretty sussed...

I made an effort to spread out Soulbound weapons as much as possible, to reduce the amount of durganizing and upgrading that I need. I'm not tying the dwarves to the forge, so I might be tight on durgan, however I think I am OK on upgrades.


-> Main Character - Rhea - Priest of Magran


Mountain Dwarf - Deadfire Archipelago - Explorer - I sailed with cold-blooded conquerors.

M 17 (2) - C 8 - D 18 - P 12 (2) - INT 17 (1) - RES 6 (1)

() = Talents


Weapon set 1: Pilambo per Casitas (Godhammer is an option as well)

Weapon set 2: Steadfast + Redfield

Head: Company Captain's Cap

Neck: Comfort

Armor: Boatswain's uniform (early), Clothes (mid to late)

Hands: Celebrant's Gloves

Ring: Ring of Deflection

Ring: Ring of Protection

Waist: Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer

Boots: Malina's Boots



Arrrrr I'm a Pirate Priest for PoE 2. I considered a Priest of Eothas, but I couldn't RP it in my head like I wanted too, and that's strangely important to me...


-> Eder


Weapon set 1: Edge of Reason (duped) + Sheathed in Autumn (if not duped...)

Weapon set 2: Wendgar

Head: Maegfolc Skull

Neck: Ruphec's Watchful Cloak MK II

Armor: Pike's Pride (Superb + Durganized)

Hands: Siegebreaker Guantlets

Ring: Iron Circle

Ring: Ring of Protection

Waist: Girdle of the Driving Wave

Boots: Frythr's Plated Greaves



If I punched in and understand everything right, I'm pretty sure provided Armored Grace + Durganized everything + Outlander's Frenzy, Eder should be self sufficient 0 recovery, with a minor knock to recovery if I turn on Vulnerable Attack. DAoM potion fixes this, but is also very much overkill... A pair of Rimecutters work too, but would definitely need to be upgraded and duped, so I would have no way to get a second Superb ranged weapon for Pallegina (if that matters?). I do know a pair of Bittercut's are probably better, but I enjoy the weapon separation between Pallegina and Eder more.


-> Aloth


Weapon set 1: Gyrd Haewanes Stenes

Weapon set 2: Spelltongue (just cause) + Little Savior

Head: Garodh's Chorus (Preservation)

Neck: Mantle of the Excavator

Armor: Aloth's Leather Armor

Hands: Glittering Guantlets

Ring: Ring of Protection

Ring: Gwyn's Band of Union

Waist: Belt of the Stelgaer

Boots: Greenstained Boots



Aloth could wear clothes if I wanted to maximize casting speed, but I feel comfortable with him wearing his original armor durganized.

Gwyn Haewanes could go on my Priest for the increased accuracy, but I find it such a great weapon for Aloth on any fight where I don't need to unleash a string of debuffs all fight long. I also put Aspirant's Mark on Aloth so he always has something to contribute in every encounter.


-> Pallegina


Weapon set 1: Leadsplitter (Superb + duped? Duganized?)

Weapon set 2: Leadsplitter OR Dulcanale/Silver Flash

Weapon set 3: The Flames of Fair Rhian + Outworn Buckler

Head: N/A

Neck: Cloak of Protection

Armor: Ryona's Breastplate

Hands: Ryona's Vambraces

Ring: Pensiavi mes Rei

Ring: Ring of Deflection

Waist: Coil of Resourcefulness 

Boots: Fenwalkers



The Fire General build, without a lot of the per rest items, but I would probably swap those in and out as needed.

I don't know about Leadsplitter. Is it really better or comparable to the Arquebuses or Pistols with Flames of Devotion? It would seem its low per pellet damage wouldn't multiply well with Flames of Devotion etc. However if Boeroer says it's good, it's probably good,  so who am I to argue?

My only gripe is how talent intense this build is. I want so many talents early, and well, you can't get em all.


-> Hiravias


Weapon set 1: Greenstone Staff

Weapon set 2: Captain Viccilo's Anger + Black Sanctuary (or Reghar Konnek just for style points...)

Head: White Crest's Helm (helmet turned off...)

Neck: Cape of the Master Mystic

Armor: Blaidh Golan

Hands: Gauntlets of Accuracy

Ring: Ring of Protection

Ring: Gathbin Family Signet

Waist: Wildstrike Belt

Boots: Viettro's Formal Footwear



I've never played with Hiravias or a Druid before sooooooo...... Shrug?

Hiravias and Sagani are my flex picks however. I would consider swapping them out with other characters. Maneha with Dragon's Maw Shield, Kana Rua with Dragon Thrashed for a 0 micro off-tank, Devil of Caroc ???,  dunno.


-> Sagani


Weapon set 1: Stormcaller

Weapon set 2: Wend-Walker

Head: Helmet of Darksee

Neck: Stalker's Torc

Armor: Clothes

Hands: Gauntlets of Swift Action

Ring: Ring of Protection

Ring: Ring of Thorns

Waist: Sentinel's Girdle

Boots: Glanfathan Stalking Boots



Not much to say here, just trying to get her recovery speed down as much as possible.


Cheers for any help to whoever is still out here!

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