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Unable to get Seeker artifact



After killing the spiders in the area, there's a soul I can't interact with and an invisible character there. I know it's there because I can see it's vision radius when I go into stealth. I also can't leave the area, and there's no items to pick up. What's happening here? I can only imagine it to be a bug. I reloaded, did the fight again, same thing. I loaded an earlier save, did the Slayer fight, then did it again, same thing. Insanely frustrating.

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Do you have any mods? 

You can't click on the little glowing purple orb at all? Sanity check by comparing with this video of mine (video loads to the correct timestamp, don't worry about the length): 

Note that in my video I had to move my character to interact with the soul, otherwise the game thought I was trying to select my character.

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