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Companion dialogue still buggy in 5.0?


Hi everyone,

so it appears that the "companion dialogue bug" still seems to be unfixed in 5.0. I have had the situation where the "companion wants to talk to you" icon appears on a companion (most notably, but not limited to, Maia), but if I click it, nothing happens (i.e. no new dialogue options). I tried (as some older forum posts suggest) to talk to her on the ship, but still no new dialogue. Since this is my firt playthrough, I am a little afraid of missing out on a lot of companion banter. Is there any known fix for this by now?

Dialogue seems to be somewhat glitchy in general in Deadfire I feel ("cycles" in dialogue trees, previously clicked dialoge options not changing color etc.)

Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who can help.

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I continued my playthrough recently and companion dialogue continues to be buggy. Searching a little bit reveald that the boards are full of threads regarding compaion dialoge not reliably triggering, about the dialogue icon ("I want to talk") appearing but without any new lines when clicking it etc. Most threads are from 2018. Now it is 2020 and Version 5.0 still is riddled with dialogue bugs. This is really extremely disappointing.

I did not find anything, but does anybody know if there is a way to fix this or at least prevent the bug(s) from reappearing on a new playthrough? Or any information on this at all? This is really frustrating. I know the game is off support and I like it very much in general, but still.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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