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Beguiler Soul Whip "full" damage multiplier applying to targets with Mind Inspirations instead of Mind Afflictions


As a Beguiler Cipher, Soul Whip gives 0.25 Focus per point of damage dealt to enemies and a +10% bonus to damage with weapons (half of a regular Cipher). If attacking a Sneak Attack vulnerable target (i.e. one that is Flanked or suffering from a Mind or Body Affliction), the full/regular bonus of +20% and 0.5 Focus should be given. I've tested this, and the Focus bonus works for targets with Flanked or Body/Mind Affliction keyword status effects, but the damage multiplier does not apply to those with Mind Afflictions. After checking the statuseffects bundle, the AttackTargetFilter for a Beguiler's Soul Whip damage effects (and it's upgraded abilities) has the Mind Inspiration keyword (ae8eaf9c-6fdc-4c63-9aac-8ee874082c0f) instead of the Mind Affliction keyword (4cb9e779-269f-42e3-8855-feabb837d50c), meaning a Beguiler Cipher will deal more damage to targets with Mind Inspirations instead of to targets with Mind Afflictions. I believe this is an oversight.

This applies to the following status effects:

  • Soul_Whip_Beguiler_SE_DamageMult
  • Biting_Whip_Beguiler_SE_DamageMult
  • Draining_Whip_Beguiler_SE_DamageMult

Swapping out the keywords should fix this.

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