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Supernova Companion Build: Best way to bump up my own combat damage?

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I've been working my way through a Supernova playthrough, centered around a companion build. I have 84 in Leadership and 100 in Determination. My skills in the Stealth tree and the Science tree are around 50ish, and always have options for persuading in dialogue. The build itself has been effective (I'm at level 23) so far, but my biggest complaint is I never feel like I'm doing anything in combat except turning companions loose and keeping them healed. My gun skills are only around 12.
Other than putting more points into Long Guns/Heavy Guns, is there a way to use any of my existing skills to give me more punch in combat? My stealth is good, so I wondered if maybe I should try to use sneak attacks as more of a tactic, then turn companions loose when things go sour.
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A sniper type build works well with a strong leadership build particularly if you use a kite mechanic , you won't be as good as a dedicated long gun build but can get some good first strikes with your buffed companions to fall back on.  It does take a little micromanaging of your companions  though as if you don't pay attention to them they will have a tendency to blow your ambush, you can also wait until they have engaged a group to get a good first strike on the biggest mob in the group.  Really all about the range as the further out you can fight from the easier it will be to maintain stealth which will give you good damage to add to your companions.

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