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I need a to boost my "Persuade" 12 points ASAP, is there any way to do it?

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Hey everyone, 

 I am trying to make peace between the Zora and Sanjar and I need 12 more points to convince Zora to  go talk to Sanjar, but she keeps giving me some excuse about blah blah blah, I have a ton of potions and drinks and food and rub on's, BUT NONE of them will boost my persuade. Is there anything ANYWHERE in the game that will?

Because after I get this done, I am done with this planet. 


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37 minutes ago, uuuhhii said:

only take 55 persuade or determination to convince zora

how is that difficult for player at that point?

just take a companion with persuade or fancy hat or armor with +5 dialogue and silver tongue mod

AH that's right, the fancy hat!! I have that on the ship, I forgot about clothes and stuff, I was looking for mentats or something like that....lol ...yeah, I miss fallout.

I put the game away for awhile and am just coming back to it.

Not sure why my player sucks so bad in this area at this point, stopped playing for so long I don't remember, but it's slowly coming back to me.


thanks man

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