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FutureTOW: Military Dialogue

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If you belong to the Venn-diagram intersection of "TOW fan" and "Military", what little snippets of unique-to-your-world dialogue would you love to see happening in the background in future installments of TOW?  You know, those things that people in your branch always seem to say?  I'm thinking something like:



<comms box rings>

<comms box rings again>

<comms box rings a third time>

Chief: Petty Officer Friedrich!  INVESTIGATE THAT NOISE!





<Chief is idly leaning by a wall, stropping the blade of one hand against the other as if sharpening a cleaver>

Petty Officer Gerrold: Hiya, Chief, whatcha doing?

Chief: <eyes Petty Officer Gerrold> Sharpening my knifehand.  What are YOU doing?

Petty Officer Gerrold: Uh, I just remembered that I have some maintenance to do.

Chief: As you were, then.


or, of course, any Chief Petty Officer starting a verbal counseling of any kind with the wielding of said knifehand and "Shipmate -- "


I'd love to hear from other military folks as to the kinds of verbal or visual memes that you experience in your day-to-day that you'd love to show up in the game!


[ Edited to add: I should mention that this is US Navy.  Absolutely would love to hear from other branches and other countries' militaries. ]


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