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[Suggestion] toggle item description on/off

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Hi Dev,
A suggestion.....Could you add an option to toggle item description on/off? Playing with a xbox controller and everytime i go into item screen, the description block half of the inventory and really bothers me. 

You can make description off by deafult. for mouse and keyboard, you can see the description by single click the item, for cotroller, add the on/off buttom.


OR you can move the item description to the right side of the screen and make it static field....i  dont need to see the character model in item screen. i can view it by going to chararter tab anyway.

but this way in armor tab the charater wont show with the new amour weared. a better way would be  to center the item menu, resize the  character animate to the left, and item description on the right.(you can compare the witcher 3 item menu ) not sure if this is a lot of work...so maybe a on/off is good enough. or static description to the right side is also prefect. If  i wan to view the charater amour i just put on, ican simple tab LB to character tab.


Thank you.

IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping 2020-03-06 23-07-04-131.jpg

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