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Exceedingly basic mod not working, someone take a look and advise please?

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Hi guys,

Dipping my toes into modding and the simple test I am using (modding attributes and their caps) is not functioning.  The game appears to recognize it and load it, but I am not seeing my changes as manifested.  I don't see any issue w/ my json and I don't see any log file or anything to help me troubleshoot.  My json is tiny, so I'll post it here and ask that someone please look it over and advise me.  I have also tried breaking it up into two mods, but it didn't seem to matter.  I read something I didn't quite understand about modifying progression tables not working without including attributes that were not being modified, so I tried including the whole section.  It still didn't seem to work.  My folder structure is as follows: 


.\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override\







My  expanded-attribute-caps.gamebundle file looks like this:

  "GameDataObjects": [
      "$type": "Game.GameData.GlobalGameSettingsGameData, Assembly-CSharp",
      "DebugName": "GlobalGameSettings",
      "ID": "eddfc852-ccb9-4884-b901-e77e8ca31b48",
      "Components": [
          "$type": "Game.GameData.CharacterStatsSettingsComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
          "MaxAttributeScore": 666
      "$type": "Game.GameData.ProgressionTableManagerGameData, Assembly-CSharp",
      "DebugName": "ProgressionTableManager",
      "ID": "2be32291-5324-4410-9e26-a67d2d20b716",
      "Components": [
          "$type": "Game.GameData.ProgressionTableManagerComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
          "CharacterCreationAttributePoints": 15,
          "CharacterCreationMaxAttributeGulf": 666,
          "CharacterCreationAttributeMinimum": 3,
          "CharacterCreationAttributeMaximum": 666,
          "CharacterCreationBaseStat": 99


edit: The expected behavior is that I start w/ 99 points in each stat and am able to rebalance down to minimum of 3 or maximum of 666.  And that any stats that finish above 35 remain after reloading the game.

Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

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