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PS4 glitch



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On 3/3/2020 at 6:53 PM, TheAlexSlade said:

When in stealth mode, characters will no longer move to assigned location, but instead run in a random direction. This is especially frustrating during combat.

Is there any known fix for this?

not only to a random direction, they continue to move even when we release the joystick (PS4 Pro + SSD), it is like if they added a lot of inertia to the movement, now it is almost impossible to approach an enemy group in stealth mode without beeing detected, because the game don't want us to stop where we want... Sometime a single push of the joystick send us on the other end of the room...

Congratulation while fixing enchantment you broken the stealth mode ...

Pillars of Eternity PS4 - RPG fan - Native language French, so please forgive my poor English speaking ...

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