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Help Needed creating a Aura

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Hiya All

I am at my wits end and come humbly to ask for help

I am trying to create a passive aura, that deals a little bit of damage, and regenerates health and focus very slowly when damaging

I basically want to create an alternate soul whip that leeches focus of any hostile in range

I had started by taking apart "Come Come Soft winds", seeing the tree is the chant applying a attack, that applies a status effect, which in turn applies the transfer to the caster

Creating an attack doing this, nicely shows the target and self effects as in the Infocard, but attempting to cut it down as a status effect from an aura with the same chain, sadly doesnt do it

I sadly dont seem to be able to create an aura that attacks a target to mimic the chant effect

So my question

What am i effing up or misunderstanding?


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I think the damage SE would have to be the Transfer and then the other SE id's would be linked, and they shouldn't say Transfer.  Also I don't think you would be dealing damage because it's not ApplyOnTick, but because the duration is infinite they might have the SE forever after first application, even when you're far away from them.  For your conditional change the hashes to 0 since it's a new conditional that you changed.  You shouldn't even need the conditional but I know there are a few examples in the official code that do it that way also.  What you might want to try is making the SE's stacking with a small duration and applying on tick so that they do their effect and then go away.  Alternatively you could have a SE that only does ApplyStatusEffectToEnemyOnEvent and give it infinite duration and it applies your damage status effect "OnApply" and then you can give the damage SE whatever duration you want.  I don't do auras often so I forget if they're automatically infinite duration or not but I assume they're not so it's important to be able to define both the aura duration and the duration of the effects.

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Thanks ill try run a few attempts with these changes later,

duration is set as copied from other auras (zealous) and works fine on a pure single effect aura

the hashes i already killed and wanted to start from scratch, didnt consider not using the conditional though

This is pretty much my first attempt at a more complex aura setup

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