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Game freeze and achievement spam



Version 5.0, Windows 10 PC

I have defeated the huge crocodile at the end of SSS. Then I traveled with my ship to port Maje. When I arrived I selected the tavern on the city map, the map loaded and the game froze. The computer did not react at all and I had to reset it. I loaded the latest save (quicksave somewhere on the ocean) and the next minutes I was flooded with one achievement message after the other. I did not get any new achievements in this playthrough, I have already got them long ago, shortly after all 3 expansions were released.

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I did not get all achievements I had before. I got only all achievements I did in my current playthrough.

All achievements from former playthroughs (such as finish the game with huana and VTC) are gone.

After finishing SSS as champion of the slayer, I can select the fight to become champion of the survivor, but not the other faces. Not sure if this is related to the freeze bug.

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