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New animal companions for rangers Mod

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Hi there


Would anyone be interested in a mod or mods that offer a new set of animal companions for rangers?

e.g. Supersized more powerful animal companions (giant bear replaces bear, giant boar replaces boar, and so on).

Another e.g. Construct companions (steelclad construct replaces bear, ironclad construct replaces stag, and so on).

Any other ideas?


With helpful advice from hikeemt on nexusmods, I have been reverse-engineering the cool panther companion mod by SilentRage19 here https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/85/ which changes the lion into a panther as animal companion for rangers. Also, I guess you could summon it via iroll20s, addability player summon... 

Using characters.gamedatabundle and attacks.gamedatabundle have learnt how to reassign animal companions to other creatures.

e.g. so elder boar replaces boar, steelclad construct replaces bear, even Yseyr the berathian deathguard replaces stag, endless options for creatures as animal companions. (btw the new animal companion has correct in-game stats).

(I once assigned Eothas to replace the lion companion, and all I could see was his giant foot, which made me chuckle.)


Still in early stages, and haven't changed any in-game text yet. Will be playtesting this to see how it works in a playthrough. If it is stable, would like to create some themed mods.


I'm a total newbie to modding so any advice is welcome!


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