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Might Have solved crashes

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So i have been having launch issues with the Xbox Game for PC and chatting to microsoft support we migjht have solved my issue maybe this will help you.


1 Make sure you have an outlook account for game pass and microsoft store as my hotmail account might have become corrupted

2 uninstall MSI afterburner

3 uninstall latest updates as they might be unstable

4 opt out of insider preview could potentially create conflicts

5 reinstall game ready driver but only what you actually need

6 set graphics priority to high

7 set priority in task manager to high for the game and the xbox app and game bar

8 uninstall bloat software that come with some necessary software like i have aurora but i didnt need the ram install software

9 reset windows get clean install then do all the above so apologies here this should be number 1


I think about covers 2 days worth of speaking to 4 different techies


fingers crossed i have had no crashes at all

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