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I am playing on PS4 with RTwP setting. I have some questions regarding the combat:

1) When I initiate combat and thereafter issue no commands, will all party member keep attack automatically

2) Will party members / companions automatically use abilities / spells when I do not give them specific orders

3) I want to initiate combat myself all of the time. When i set the party AI combat behaviour to passive, will they attack
and keep attacking after I started combat, or do I have to direct them myself? And if they then will also engage, will they
use all of their skills/spells/abilities (like in question 2)

Sorry for the very basic questions, it's just unclear to me ...

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1. to do this, for each party member you have to enable auto-attack AI or enable full AI and make sure you have "attack as default action" enabled at the very least, and "defensive" or greater. if you don't have "attack as default action" then after one attack, the character will stop attacking and you have to click again to get them to attack again. Which I find really annoying so I almost never disable "attack as default action" (though for my ultimate run, I did, for safe automated buffing). 

2. for each party member you have to enable full AI and assign them scripts. I believe the game assigns them some default scripts. But the spellcasting scripts do not cover even a majority of possible spells you can cast, so relying on it too much may be suboptimal. You can do custom scripts to cover more spells; I don't know if you have the same AI scripting capability as PC, but you can get pretty extensive (especially with mods on PC).

3. On "passive" they will never attack unless you order them to attack. Once they start attacking, they will keep attacking. Similarly, if they have AI scripts assigned, they will not start using them until you direct them to attack, at which point they will start using them. If you tell them to stop, they will just stand around until you order them to do something again.

Similarly, on "defensive" they will wait around a bit, but if a party member gets attacked or an enemy gets too close, they will start. You can get them to stop, and they will stay stopped for a few seconds, but they will reactivate if someone's being attacked or an enemy gets too close. On "aggressive" they basically are always trying to do something, and you can only get them to pause for a few seconds by telling them to stop. I basically never leave "aggressive" on my party member AIs as a result.

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