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Hello! Just finished PoE2! It was a blast, you created hell of a game. In most part  it was smooth. Here is my issue report:

1.) After finishing the game, I got ending slides, and among them was Eder ending slide, telling that he continued with Defiant crew and following me. The thing is - he never made it to PoE2 in my playthrough. There was no Aloth slide, which is works well, as he wasn`t in my party too, but somehow I got Eder slide. I get it, that Eder is fan favorite, but it is strange to presume that he is 100% lock to make it to PoE2.

2.) Is tricky. I had Watcher-Pallegina-Maia-Serafen-Tekehu party setup while solving Valera-Bardatto crisis. I didn`t want to side with Valera`s after uncovering their plot, and they attacked me. After that Pallegina left my party leaving a missive. Ok. I also was in a middle of Giacolo quest at that moment which naturally failed. I went to Dunnage later, and found where Giacolo has been kept. It seemed, it was impossible to save Giacolo without Pallegina in party, I killed Orlan and entered house where Giacolo has been kept. When I entered house I got another missive from Pallegina (!) in which she is pissed I couldn`t save Giacolo. After killing the gang I received another missive from Pallegina (!!) same as previous one. Then I exited house walked around Dunnage and decided to double check that house later  where Giacolo has been kept and received one more missive from her (!!!). So in the end I had 4 missives from Pallegina. 1 after killing Valeras and 3 (they are same) regarding Giacolo demise.

These issues are not big, but hopefully you could solve them to make PoE2 even more smooth. Enjoyed the game a lot and wish your team the best!


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