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Mod Release - The Funnening - Improved Monk

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Mod Release - The Funnening - Improved Monk


Another class in The Funnening series:


Comments/hate-mail welcome!

The Rundown:

The 3 new punch attack skills (Humble, Spear-hand Punch, and Ansara) count as new "monk combo" attacks meaning that their recovery is 0.  As always, I tried to add the most I could to the way the abilities warp and expand the style of play for the class, without removing the core ideas.  Here I experimented a lot with sacrificing movement/time/attacking for bonuses, bonuses based on tranquility, pacifism including reflecting attacks, silencing attacks, and then....I just had to throw omnislash in there even though there's already Whispers in the Wind.  Just couldn't help myself.

1 - Equanimity - Passive -   -20% Hostile effect durations, -10% Beneficial effect durations
1 - Accumulate - spend a turn, +dmg bonus for 60s, at -1 accuracy to avoid exploitation.
1 - Kala - By attuning to the echo effects of time, the monk converts most of his damage into an amplified 12 second slashing damage effect.
2 - Amkala - 2x damage received, 100% of damage received is healed over 100s
2 - Aiki - Reflect all attacks for 1 second
2 - Taijitu - Deal damage based on wounds, clear all wounds.
2 - Expanse - passive - Max wounds 10-->20, and wounds are generated by receiving 10 damage.
3 - Stillness - passive - +1 all defenses per sec until next attack or movement, max 25 stacks
4 - Serenity - Passive - While not under duration-based beneficial or harmful effects, +10% miss to hit, graze to hit
4 - Ansara - Fullattack with 90% as magic damage in 1/3 burn, 1/3 shock, 1/3 freeze. 
       • 10 point damage shield for 8s.
4 - Yuan-qi - Damage dealt converted to 10% bonus Deflection
5 - khanti - Vow - +5% attack speed per 3 seconds until you move
5 - Ahimsa - Vow - +5% damage per 3 seconds for 20s until you launch a new attack
5 - Tranquility - Passive - While not under duration-based beneficial or harmful effects, +10 Accuracy and +10% negate all attacks
5 - Shi Tai  - passive - 2 sec after a hit by a spell or ability, -2s duration on all effects (only applies again if the 2sec is over)
6 - Eversion - Channel yourself, counterattack with ranged bouncing raw damage
6 - Alethic - passive - Attacks vs fortitude also target Reflex if lower
6 - Spear-hand Punch - You jab the target, interrupting their spell cast and preventing further spell casting.
       • +25 defense against spell attacks for 8 seconds
7 - Humble - Melee strike removes all foe's inspirations, makes them immune to inspirations for 30s.
       • +25 defense against affliction attacks for 8 seconds
7 - Go No Sen - modal - Pre-emptively counter-attack at the cost of 3 wounds
8 - Ingression - Channel yourself (stun), while channeling you reflect all hits
8 - Death and Rebirth - Rapid damage of amounts up to your maximum health (slash/burn vs. Fortitude), revive to full HP with all injuries, afflictions, and duration effects removed
9 - Transcendance - Become an unatargetable astral projection that permanently reduces opponenents' defenses when touched by your slow, non-damaging attack
9 - Omnislash - +900% attack speed for 6 seconds, untargetable, randomly attack an opponent every 2 seconds in addition to your weapon attacks

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