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Xbox1X Hard Crash when switching ship items


This appears (for me at least) to be a consistent issue.

Trying to switch items on the ship (usually cannons but happens with flag) and the game just hard crashes almost every time. It's annoying when you've just found a really good Cannon in a shipwreck, crashes and when you reload you don't get the item this time around.

Its workable by saving anytime you want to change anything in case of a crash but damn it's annoying

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Wait till you encounter the bug that corrupts all of your save files at once, I still have no idea why my 8 files were wiped. It seems like as long as the console port took it should have taken longer, or perhaps not happened at all because the game seems incredibly broken on consoles. 

I've also had crashes on ship stuff, crashes on loading maps (especially when you enter a small area that requires you to almost immediately walk back out) and during ship battles. Lost hours and hours of progress only to persist only to see my files corrupted arbitrarily regardless of the fact I kept 5 hard saves. Don't even want to start a new game because I'm afraid it'll happen again and have no idea why it happens in the first place, overall definitely regret purchasing, will save my patronage for once the game has been properly tested for the platform and goes on a steep sale for any future purchases, thought since the game was out for so long at least the game-breaking bugs would be resolved by the time it released for consoles, just wishful thinking though I suppose. We're all beta testers these days if we buy a game full price.

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