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Patch for PC question and Quest Tracker not working

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I just bought this game a few days ago, and I play on a PC.  The game runs great on my relatively high-end laptop.  And I'd like to continue playing, but...

1.  I cannot change the quest objective from the "main" quest line to any radial quests.  Honestly I'm not looking for a time sink, but a story I can have fun with.

2.  Is there a way to have multiple question objectives show on the map?  All this running back and forth 3-4 times right by a quest objective and not knowing it is extremely frustrating.

3.  I read there was a patch available, but after searching forums and Google, for the life of me I cannot find a download link.  All I can find is Patch Notes, but not one link to the actual patch.  Can someone point me to the actual patch (not just the notes).

4.  Are these quest objective issues even addressed in the patches?  I know it may be relatively minor and may not garner a comment in the patch notes...

5.  I find the UI very clunky compared to other modern games.  I like the many suggestions about inventory comparison, pristine weapons and armor with a different color or even icon background, and all the other great suggestions on this forum.  

Help please on these issues would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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Are you using the epic store? If so then the game is default set to automatic update so you would have the most up to date build. 

I do not believe there is a way to show multiple objectives I generally cycle through the quests then look at the map to see what is closest.  It sounds like you can't select a quest which I have not heard as a complaint before.  If that is the case it would be a bug and you need to post it on support forum then email private division with explanation and pertinent data.

The UI takes a little bit but once I got use to it worked fine for me, of course more data to differentiate things is always a bonus.

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