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PA is RPG? Really?!?---Crucial options are missing!

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PA is listed as RPG in play store. Why does it have no RPG elements at all? (Dont mix RPG with "fantasy"!) You have no possibility to influence the story, the game is a one way and a railroad. Nobody would call "Angry Birds" an RPG(!), where you have comparable options regarding ingame decisions.

But wouldn't it be cool to have some more options? Like optional choosing the character in your who leads the dialogparts single handed. At least I would maybe start to read the blabla-fluffy-texts again if I could choose who speaks.

Another text option could be decisions or bargaining about what prize waits after the mission.


PS: Imho: Errors and bugs (like purchased cards "lost" while entering subway) due to connectionloss are avoidable and should be fixed once and for all.

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