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I found a mod that does something really cool but I don't like one part of it.  I don't like spirit shifting into a tiny wolf in wolf form when the other forms are werewolves it's inconsistent and doesn't make sense.  I'm not sure if linking the mod would break any rules or upset anyone so I'll leave it out until further notice.

I replaced the section following "NewFormAppearance": from "Assets/Art/Character/Creatures/Wolf01/a_Wolf01_V01.asset" to "art/character/creatures/druid_wolf01/a_druid_wolf01_v01.asset" because that's pretty much what the guy did with the cat, boar, and other spirit shift forms. The only thing is I can't find the relevant bit to replace "AnimationController": "assets/art/animation/animationcontrollers/creature/wolf.controller", with.  In theory, if I was able to replace it with the relevant information it seems like it would work (unless I'm absolutely wrong.)  


 Anyone have an idea as to how I can find this?  Because I can't see an assets folder anywhere and I've been clicking through files in the game data folder and looking for archives but I got nothing after going through everything except the lax1 through lax i exported files. Of course, I may be doing this all wrong as I'm not a mod maker.  Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. 



Scratch that I'm an idiot it was in front of my eyes the whole time. "art/animation/animationcontrollers/creature/druid_cat_wolf_boar.controller"  unless that's not it hopefully it is.  Now to check if it works in game. 


Edit: I'm guessing its "assets/art/animation/animationcontrollers/creature/druid_wolf.controller"

Edit: I got it to work visually but it still has that slow looking dog bite without the arm swings or fast ferocious bite?  Maybe I need to get into longer fights to see if it actually works.  Okay, it works I'm just slow and have streetfighter.  


How do I delete this post?

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