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The city and the stars quest bugged

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I play on version 1.03 on the ps4. During the city and the stars quest when I get to chairman Rockwell’s computer and the video where he talks about the lifetime employment plan once it’s starts to plays it always crashes the ps4, this happens right around the time he mentions freezing the colonists any advice ?

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I've gotten a couple email replies from obsidian, as well as private division. They say that they were working on a fix. I didn't get quite as far as you, but was close, before I couldn't load saves anymore after dying attempting to get to the chairman's computer. Had to load a much earlier save (lvl 6) to continue playing with that character. Very irritating losing that much progress. 

Obsidian asked that we send in our unloadable save files to help them figure out what's going on, since they are unable to replicate what some of us are experiencing. 

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