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game is crashing.

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I have an issue with the game randomly crashing to desktop, sometimes within minutes, sometimes after half an hour or more.

The crashes seem more frequent at loading screens, but can happen randomly at any time.

What process logs would be needed to diagnose this?

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Same issue, sudden freeze followed by crash to desktop, sometimes crashes while in combat during TTD use, sometimes randomly while walking around and just had another while riding in the elevator to Clive's office in Slaughterhouse Clive (while elevator was in use I switched weapons and the screen froze followed by crash to desktop)

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While Obsidian developers do check this forum from time to time (more so immediately after release / patch), this forum is primarily for user-to-user support.

I'd recommend in addition to posting here everyone also follow the support instructions at https://support.obsidian.net/article/53-how-do-i-get-help-with-the-outer-worlds on reporting their issues to Private Division (alternatively go to https://privatedivisionsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/360002263514-The-Outer-Worlds and click "submit a request")

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guys check out my topic might have solved crashes

2 days of tooing and froing with microsoft technical support 9 viable solutions me being me cautious and all implementted them all and the game appears stable now

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