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Benweth is missing, not alive or dead



I seem to have an issue where Benweth went missing, but I didn't kill him. 
Without progressing far into the quest, I went up to the command space, sneaked and triggered the bell to open the secret door. When I stepped it, the game triggered a conversation with the captain, which was supposed to end in combat, but since I was sneaking, the combat didn't trigger.  He was over my level by two skulls, so I simply walked away, without engaging in combat, and certainly not killing him.

I progressed other parts of the game, until I was a high enough level, and came back to kill Benweth. I slaughtered everyone, and went to every portion of the map, but I could not find Benweth. Since I can't kill the captain that isn't there, and I killed all of the other NPC's for the other possible ways to complete the quest, it is now stuck.

Is this intentional, maybe he is hiding somewhere else in the game? I would have assumed the quest would update at that point. Could I have missed a secret trap door? I even went to the secret dock, so I don't think this is the case.

Here is a link to my saved game:

Any suggestions on what steps I can do to fix it? Could the beta patch fix this?
Thank you,

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