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PSU needs reset prior to restart of PC

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Hello all  😀

Have a problem that until now, I have only seen once in one other game. So both these games, (and NO other game I have does this), have the exact same problem in that whenever I start the game, "Satisfactory: Early Access" being the other game (both purchased from Epic), whether using Epic's launcher or not, they will crash the PC. Even after a couple of hardware upgrades, I get the exact same problem. Now I've seen plenty of styles of crashing from games, but never like this. After the PC is shut down, I can't restart unless I first reset the power supply. And no... it's not a low wattage PSU.  A little while back I did a little upgrading, and part of that was increasing the PSU from a 650W to a 750W. The 650W should have been plenty, and it still should have been, so changing to a 750W should have solved that problem IF it was the PSU. I've already done an uninstall and reinstall for both games, both before and after upgrade, no change. Windows and all  drivers appear to be up to date, and when I contacted Epic... they weren't much help at all. 🤔 It came down to them asking me to contact the games respective companies... and here I am. 😧

Current DxDiag is attached.

Edit: And yes, I've already looked in the Windows N Media Pack Feature as a possible fix, it won't let me.



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