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Serious CTD Issues in Microsoft Store Version

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Not sure if anyone else is getting this but I am getting some seriously frequent, almost game-killing CTDs with the Microsoft Store version of this game. The first one happened while I was creating my character and it went quiet for a while so I thought everything was ok. I think there was one or two more between Emerald Vale and my next stop on the Groundbreaker.

It really picked up after Roseway. Suddenly I was consistently getting crashes as I tried to enter certain places like the luxury apartments, or if I followed a certain path after leaving one of the laboratories. It seemed to be linked to my quest markers. I am getting them again in Stellar Bay trying to enter the saltuna warehouse. It's incredibly frustrating.

Please can you look into this and fix it asap Obsidian? I almost can't play the game with how frequently this happens, I have to keep trying until I get lucky and it doesn't crash at the moment.

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