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Crashes every time I leave the Stellar Bay area

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Every time I leave the Stellar Bay area, the game crashes! Not when I leave the gates, but a good 200 meters away from the town in any direction. I have tried restarting my PC, capping my frames to 60, doing other missions and coming back, but nothing has worked! The main quest is outside of Stellar Bay right now, so I cannot get to it either... The game closes immediately, no lasting black screen or anything. I am on the Radio Free Monarch quest, and am on the Speak to the Broker objective.

Any suggestions on how to fix the crashes?

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I'd like to bump this because this crash (or a very similar one) still occurs under specific circumstances. I did not encounter anything as consistent as this in my first playthrough, I was able to complete it without much problem. It's just one of many crashes in the game, but this one could impede progress permanently.

In my case, walking over the Stellar Bay South bridge during the Radio Free Monarch quest, on the "Speak with the Information Broker at Devil's Peak" objective causes the crash. The game closes instantly without warning or hesitation. No error message is shown. It might be worth noting I am playing on the Game Pass for PC (UWP) version.

It happens consistently when going past the center of the bridge. Or so it would seem. Fast traveling away and trying to bypass the bridge entirely yields similar results in other very consistent places, such as the long bridge near Stellar Bay connecting the NW and SE sides of the map.

This issue is going to give me an irrational fear of bridges. Please fix it. Thank you.

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