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Unable to do A Fruitful Alliance



The Queen requested that I speak with Rusasre to form an alliance. Rusasre won't even speak to me. The Queen does not bring it up in dialog to even fail the quest. I'm stuck on this quest.

A while back, I wiped out the slavers and continued exploring. Eventually I found Ori o Koiki and had a meeting with Ruasare where she told me to wipe out the slavers. I told her I already did and her dialog tree ended. She did not want to speak with me anymore. Then dozens of hours later, I continued on the main quest which led me to the queen's quest. 

During my first conversation with the Queen on top of the palace I immediately failed the quest. 

I remember after talking to Rusasre, she got tired of talking to me after telling her I already wiped out the slavers. Nothing really happened. I didn't insult her or assassinate her or anything. I just talked to her about history. 

I'd like to be able to go through the quest and try to negotiate the alliance.

I knew she was important when I stumbled upon her but I didn't think I'd be lock out just by talking to her. It seems like just exploring really messed up some quest for me. 

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