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Give VALUE to the character you create -> THIRD PERSON

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I want to be clear, I know plenty of topic stating the same suggestion already exists, I decided to create another one just to make sure one of these reaches the creators. The more there are the more it's easy to determine how much a feature is wanted by the users. Seeing the character you created wearing an armor you hard earned or found makes the game more immersive to me than watching it from the character's own eyes in 1st person. Even more, I really like to spend a lot of time in character creation menus, i can spend more than 30 minutes there until I am proud of what I've created, so why spend all that energy If I am going to see that face just in the inventory or if I stay idle for too long?

Unluckily my PC right now is not good enough, i only managed to play a hour before the CPU bailed on me and bottlenecked my GPU to 50% usage, but this game represents everything i love: RPG, Space and Science Fiction, Obsidian Games' Role playing mechanics (New Vegas is my favourite Fallout by far, [I've played 3 and 4 as well] ).

So I really hope that when I will be able to afford a worthy PC the 3rd person will be a feature, so to appreciate this game on 360 degrees. Have a magnificent day.

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Once again I will reply to a topic similar to this.

I definitely am missing my 3rd person view. And preferable also exactly like in Fallout 4 (no pun intended). I keep scrolling and scrolling with my middle mouse button but nothing happens?

I really do miss the ability to watch my character during play. I hope this will be considered in the next game, Obsidian 😛

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