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How to gear up companions optimally?

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I'm a new Outer Worlds player and have just gotten to Groundbreaker. I have two companions right now, being the Vicar and Parvati.

I'm just wondering a couple of things:

- Is there any point in putting gear on a companion which boosts skills like Persuade, etc? They're not going to be choosing the dialogue options so I can't really see it being of any benefit to them, unless of course any bonus on gear which is granted to companions also gets granted to me?

- I'm not using any Science based weapons, and prefer my character to be using "old school" type weapons such as Assault Rifle etc, with Physical damage as opposed to Shock, Plasma etc. So would it be a good idea to outfit my companions with Science based weapons just in case I come up against any enemies resistant to physical damage? I've not put any skill points into Science, so will this effect my companion's damage when THEY use a Science based weapon?



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The only effect you can get regarding science weapons is a positive so not taking any perks won't change the base damage on science weapon.  I would skip them though as if you don't tinker with them they are quite weak.  To get the full benefit without breaking your pocket book really requires investment in science.  The only perks to help science only seem to effect your damage with them so the only way to boost them for companions is through tinkering.

I have not found any use for skill boosts for companions if I do use them it is things like range damage +5 but I find the ability to survive given by heavy armor more useful then a slight skill boost.

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