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PC - Outer Worlds - Motion Sickness problem

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Playing Outer Worlds is giving me bad motion sickness (MS). I don't know if it's FOV issues, headbob, or this 'Chromatic Abberation' stuff mentioned in the Steam forums. I've experienced MS in some FPS games in the past mildly, and I get it bad watching other people play FPS. I've never developed it this fast or this badly actively playing an FPS (75% of the way to puking + headache in as little as 15 minutes of play).

You might want to consider a 'anti MS' setting in a future build, and maybe when you're doing playtests/user testing should consider finding subjects that experience MS during game play?

Any advice you can offer in the meantime, I would appreciate.  I'm a bit underwhelmed after dropping 45 euros on a game that it's unplayable.

Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 2700, AMD RX 580

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