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Did not receive 500 gold for completing third weekly challenge


Today's challenge was to defeat 25 banes.  Completing this would be my third challenge for the week, which should have awarded me 500 gold.  I was playing The Poison Pill scenario when I hit 24 banes.  On the last location, I encountered Pillbug Podiker.  I defeated him, closing the last location.  The notification for 25 banes defeated never popped, so I went to check the challenges to make sure it registered.  Banes defeated was still showing 24 and incomplete, but the weekly 3 daily challenges challenge was grayed out as though it had already been claimed.  I checked my gold and confirmed I never received my 500.  I plated the scenario again to complete the 25 banes challenge, which I did and which gave me 100 gold, but it did not re-register completion of the weekly challenge.

What platform are you on? Stream/Android/iPad, etc.



What version of the OS are you running? Android 4.4, iOS 9.3, etc.

Android 8.1


What model is the device? Galaxy Tab 3, iPad Mini 4, etc.

LG K30


What is your PFID#?



Is pass & play on?  Is permadeath on?

No and no


Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode?

Story Mode


Characters in Party



Location of each character

Town Square


Scenario & Scenario Difficulty.  If on non-normal difficulties, which wildcard powers are in play?

The Poison Pill; Legendary difficulty; I don’t remember


What card was encountered when the issue occurred?

Pillbug Podiker; several cards played to defeat him


Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subsequent explore?  If subsequent, what card did you last encounter?  What was its resolution?

I believe it was the first exploration; result was Pillbug Podiker was defeated


Did other characters aid the check?



Was the encounter a Horde?


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You probably got awarded one or more Treasure Chests.  There are a few flaky weekly challenges, and whenever the advertised reward doesn't line up with what is received, it is usually giving out Treasure Chests.

Feel free to drop them a line at support@obsidian.net .  They should take care of you and hook you up with some gold for your troubles.

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