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John Bradley

PC + controller: deadzone being ignored in patch?

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Running on PC (Microsoft Store purchase, not GamePass), and prior to the patch was happily playing using my XBox360 controller after increasing the deadzone via the following lines added in c:\<...many_subdirectories...>\Indiana\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Input.ini


Then a day or two ago the controller started drifting -- slowly inching forward after I released the stick, that sort of thing -- and I figured it was a controller issue. Grabbed another Xbox360 controller, same deal. In retrospect, I see this happened when the patch came out. I didn't even know there was a patch coming out, and of course MS just updated the game without asking (or even telling) me about it.

The patched version seems to utterly ignore the values in Input.ini. I've cranked the DeadZones up to ludicrous values (0.9), and it remains overly sensitive -- just the little play in the stick around the center point is enough to have the player or aim slowly drift in one direction or another.

Ideally, deadzone should be an in-game configuration option, not something that needs to be edited in a text file buried 9 subdirectories deep in a hidden (by default, at least) AppData directory.

Barring that, it should at least use the values specified in the .ini file.


Also add another complaint to the "hey, why do all the dialog options suddenly have [n] number prefixes" issue. Yeah, I get that they're keyboard shortcuts, but I'm not playing with a keyboard+mouse, so this is a step backwards as far as I'm concerned.


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Please write it to Private Division here. They can add the issue to Obsidian's todo list and tell them when they can fix it.

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