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So since my last post which can be found here. My save issue has not been fixed Private division basically your save is gone because they wont go into the cloud and get access to it. Xbox Says Private division can access my save for me but they are refusing to. All i want is my save back that i put my time and effort into there game.

It takes 4-5 cloud syncs for my saves to be loaded so there is something about syncing to the cloud



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Private Division can't access your save. Sometimes xbox support will lie to you to get you off the phone if they don't know how to solve your problem.


If your cloud saves aren't syncing then maybe there is a problem with your xbox save cache. You could try going into the storage settings and select the option to clear local saves. This will wipe all saves off your hard drive forcing them to be pulled from the cloud next time you start a game. There is a risk that you might lose saves permanently if there is a problem with your console or network preventing saves from syncing to the cloud so do that at your own risk.


Also if you have an ad blocking device attached to your network like a PI-Hole then try disabling it as that can block some features of xbox live

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