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Hello !

Such a wonderful game but I am completely stuck....

During the "City and the Stars" quest, after I enter the ministry, my game crashes constantly. 

Mostly after I retrieve the Dimethyl and try to use the elevator behind the barred door but I've had other crashes in the ministry, almost all in the lab area.

I went back up to five save files but it keeps on crashing.

Please help, I only have three days off left ! 

Many thanks

Bruno from Belgium

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Hi, Innzaghi. 

I'm sorry for the late reply. To expedite your issue, if haven't done so already, we ask that you please visit http://privatedivision.com/support and report the issue there. This will get your issue into our publisher's queue to ensure the fastest possible turn around time. Again, I apologize for the late reply and thank you for your patience.


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