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Foundation: Potential bug?

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So this thread is a bit of a two-parter really... For starters, there's the following problem: the game seems to allow for two options to be taken when dealing with reactivating the automechanicals, either to have them target each other or to target the people at Edgewater. However, both lead to the same result. Is this intended? The option to target other mechanicals instead would seem like a decent enough loop to spare the town, yet that doesn't happen. For all intents and purposes this doesn't seem like intended behaviour, but if it *is* working as intended there seems to be only one way to carry out the mission, which is... Disappointing, to say the least. There should be more options to deal with this, much as there are with double-crossing Akande when planting the bug in Phineas' base. Is there any way this quest could be looked into?

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