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Key bind issues (mouse wheel down, caps lock)

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I've made some minor quality of life changes to my keybinds... primarily I use mouse wheel down for use/interact.  It makes looting much more efficient and effortless.

The problem is that mouse wheel down works for everything (looting from bins, talking to people, opening doors) except picking up loot on the ground.  I believe it's because loot on the ground isn't picked up until the key is released (on key up vs on key down), while something like open door happens when the key is pressed (on key down).

This seems like a simple fix that would make it so much easier to pick up those ever-so-thin swords lying on the ground, as well as multiple things seemingly at once (because mouse wheel can be so fast).


Also, I've remapped crouch to SHIFT instead of CAPS LOCK.  I've been using SHIFT to crouch for some competitive games I play so that CAPS LOCK, which is more easily pressed with my pinky can be used for more vital actions.  Anyway, even though CAPS LOCK is no longer bound, it still toggles crouch.  Also, if you do bind it something, it still crouches... so if you bind the "secondary" option for Attack to CAPS LOCK, you'll end up shooting and crouching... which I suppose is neat actually quite neat and could be helpful in certain situations, but the key binds UI doesn't let you use the same key for more than one action.

Thanks! Really enjoying the game..


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Ah, I would like to note that use of mouse wheel down for interact typically doesn't allow me to "hold to interact", so I normally wouldn't be able to open the door of the ship, for instance... but the way it's programmed right now -- it somehow still works (which is great)... when I change the key bind, I have to reload the game, and then it gets defaulted back to E, but the game seems to think I'm using mouse wheel down, I assume because the "on key up" event never gets triggered.

Hopefully if these other things are fixed, I can still hold to interact with mouse wheel down (which cannot be held).

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