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Saves no longer function

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So my bug happened out of no where and has pretty much rendered the game useless at this point. I had playing the game quite a bit and hadn't experienced any bugs or glitches and then during the Rosewater mission set I had just saved the scientist named Anton I think it was, left the bulidibg he was in and killed some Marauders and suddenly my Xbox shuts off. I sat there for a second confused, concerned, and upset. I thought maybe something was wrong with my Xbox one, but it powered back up perfectly fine. Went back into the outer worlds and everything seemed okay until I attempted to load my most recent save. It sat on the loading screen forever and then eventually music started playing and then stopped and started playing then stopped. It stayed like that, the Xbox wasn't frozen, so I exited the game and went to the home wand attempted another earlier save. It loaded that one while in the building Anton is in and when I attempted to leave the same glitch would happen. None of my other saves would load at all, just the same stuck on loading screen. So I assume that my save file was corrupt. Was very upsetting, but I was like well at least I can try and start a new game and maybe it will fix this problem. Well I am able to start a new game and go as far as meeting Ada and then it just gets stuck. Not frozen just no dialog and stuck looking at her screen. It also won't load any new save. I tried deleting all my old saves and it didn't help. So at this point I can't load any saves and I can't get past like 10 minutes into the game. So it's essentially useless currently. I play on game pass and wonder if that's the issue. I would prefer not to delete the game and wait hours for it to re-download, but that's my next option. Up until this point I absolutely loved the game and had no issues what so ever. Please help. 

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Hey wingostar,

I'm sorry for the issue you have run into. We have our development team looking into it and hope to have a fix for it shortly. In the meantime, to expedite your request, you can send an e-mail to our publisher, Private Division at support@privatedivision.com. This will get your issue into their queue and allow us to prioritize requests to ensure the fastest possible turn around time.

We apologize again and thank you for your patience while we work to resolve the issue.

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