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Don't Bite The Sun - Botched Bug

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The quest "Don't Bite The Sun" is marked as bugged in my quest list because it has Parvati listed as killed. There was also a period where I couldn't locate her on my ship, so it may have been connected. Wasn't sure if there was a workaround/console command/etc. to reactivate the quest. 

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(I'm not sure if my first attempt to post this bug went through. Mods please delete if this is a duplicate.)

The same bug (reported above by Nealypants) just happened to me. For more details on the specific circumstances if it's helpful reproducing:

I had just completed HRS-1084 as part of the "Ice Palace" side quest. My companions during the mission were Nyako and Ellie. I re-entered the ship with the intention of returning to Groundbreaker to report back to Lilya.

Upon re-entering the ship, ADA informed that Ellie and Max were having an argument in the kitchen. Before proceeding, I stopped to check on Parvati. She was leaning against the shelves in the cargo bay. She had no new dialogue, so I exited her dialogue and proceeded upstairs.

I stopped and listened to Max and Ellie's dialogue (where Ellie was attempting to annoy the now-enlightened MAX) to its completion where Ellie walked away toward her bunk.

I stopped and spoke to Max and checked his "tell me again your opinion about the sophists" line since I hadn't yet listened to that one.

I exited dialogue with Max and then attempted to speak with Nyako who was in her normal position of leaning on the counter.

As soon as I selected to speak to Nyako, the "Don't Bite The Sun" quest line marked itself as failed/botched. When I checked the quest log, it said that it was because Parvati had been killed.

I went to check for her around the ship and could not find her anywhere. She had vanished somewhere.

Her death did not make any sense because we were all completely safe on the ship and I had just talked to her. I also am not playing on Supernova, so my understanding is that companion death should not even be possible.

My ship was parked at HRS-1084 during this entire series of events.

I reloaded the save to the point right before I re-entered the Unreliable, which brought Parvati back to life. There were new events when entering the ship this time, and instead of talking to anyone, I just hirried straight to Groundbreaker in case it was some kind of issue with HR-1084. It did not happen again, thankfully!

It appears something seems to happen where it is possible for Parvati to fall through the ship? enter a kill zone? or otherwise commit suicide? I didn't witness the actual event.

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Ran in to this annoying bug tonight.

Finished the Radio Tower stuff for Hiram on Monarch, went back to the Unreliable and decided to check in with my companions.  When I went to talk to Parvati, she initiated her second companion quest, talking about wanting to bring Juinlee onto the ship to ask her out but needed to pick stuff up on Groundbreaker to prepare for the date.  As the dialogue continued, I got a "quest failed" notice for her.  When I looked at why it failed, it said Parvati died even though she clearly hadn't.

Please patch this ASAP as it pretty much kills any chance of continuing her companion quest and, from what I've read elsewhere, it also means the game considers her "dead" for the ending.

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

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Same issue on PS4 pro.

Just completed a few side missions after the main missions on Monarch, the last side mission was Slaughterhouse Jack when it popped out Pavarti had been killed (playing on normal and we were just stood in a corridor!).  Looked at the quest log and her crew mission is botched at the "Find Parvati Fancy Clothes" part.

Have tried to roll back to previous auto saved (I only use one main save) and the mission is botched on them all.

Real bummer as she is my favourite character and its the only bug i have seen so far in about 20 hours.

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I have just had an email from Private Division support about this issue, reply may be of use:

"I'm sorry to hear that you've encountered a bug where your companion has been marked as dead in the quest log, despite them still being alive.

From what we've discovered, this bug can happen when your companion is climbing a ladder while you start a conversation with an NPC. This causes the companion to continue climbing the ladder forever, and then meet an untimely death when the conversation with the NPC ends. Make sure that your companions are not climbing any ladders before you enter a conversation and this should hopefully prevent this bug from happening to you again until this bug has been resolved.  Please note that we currently do not have an ETA as to when this issue will be fixed, but we are actively looking into it.

Sorry for the trouble, and please let me know if you run into any other issues."

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Yo, I FIGURED OUT how to get around this particular bug !!!! Wooooo. 

Simply never use your companions, ever. Well at least until you finalize their quests. 

While on terra2, right after you get Parvati, make sure to force her to stay out of battle. Only do the quest of fixing the power. Also, go kill everything in the way npc wise before you get her. 

Then once done, put her on the ship and fly away. Go back to terra2 and leave her on the ship.

When you get to groundbreaker, take her out and run straight to the back to meet Junlei. Then put her back on the ship. NEVER BATTLE WITH HER.



#Sidenote I've never had the ladder bug because I watch for them all to be stationary. 

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