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Suggestion - Orbiting Planets

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The ship goes 'bump' and the announcement is, "We are Orbiting ....  Captain"
   Then I proceed to the airlock and..   I'm not in Orbit!   I'm LANDED

I know, I know.. it's just the voice acting -  but what it leads me to believe is that in creating the game someone was thinking about a 'Transporter'  and we're supposed to 'beam down' from Orbit or something.  Anyway  I just thought I'd mention it.

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Hey, Estacey2019

We appreciate your feedback! If you want to see your feature in Outer Worlds, send an e-mail to our publisher, Private Division at support@privatedivision.com. This will get your issue into their queue and allow us to prioritize requests to ensure the fastest possible turn around time.

Thanks for playing!

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