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I added the Outer Worlds to PCGamingWiki

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Been really digging the Outer Worlds' taking of the company-town concept to its logical extreme. I also like all the details hidden between the lines, if you're willing to read into it. Not to mention the incredible humor (dang, I wish this wasn't a spoiler-free subforum, but them's the rules).

As I like to document all the PC games I play so I can answer the questions of my less tech-savvy friends, such as, "How do I get rid of the pillarboxes on my ultrawide monitor during cutscenes, dialog, and the menu of all things?", "How can I make the text and GUI more legible on my 4K monitor?", and, "Does this game really support surround sound?", I've put my findings on PCGamingWiki, a wiki dedicated to fixing and documenting every PC game ever made.

You can find the results of my findings, as well as all the kind denizens of the Web who helped fill in the blanks, at https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Outer_Worlds

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Oh man.  Thanks for pulling all that information that together!  

I've been using that page the last few days to point people towards various tweaks and fixes because it was getting a bit unmanageable to remember which thread on reddit had the solution they were looking for.  It's been extremely helpful to have all the current tips and workarounds in a single spot.


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