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This game was fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I will not be playing it again.

This being said, I just got to the credits and feel underwhelmed enough to search these articles out. The game does not bring me back like New Vegas or any other similar-caliber RPGs I've played in the past do. This is like Borderlands to me, albeit with more emphasis on RPG elements like Fallout or TES.

I beat the game on Hard in roughly 22 hours, completing all but the armor modeling side quest (which is a 30-40 minute fetch quest, depending on load times of my PC). 

I have read all dialog, hacked/accessed every terminal I came across, read every logbook laying around, collected every Science Weapon, took my time with each location to unlock every red door I could find, interacted with every NPC who wasn't a standard 1-2 liner guard, ended the game with around 5k of each ammo type and still - the fact is this game was way short.

I am suspect of anyone saying they're 60-80 hours in and still on Emerald Vale, as this just doesn't make any sense unless they are 100% new to shooters/RPGs, outright lying, or are just an extremely slow player. I was out of there and on the Groundbreaker with full task/quest completion in less than 4 hours.

To conclude, this was a fun game and a nice diversion. My expectations were not high, and I was happy to have played the game. It would have been more fun if there was more to explore, more choice, more impact, and more, well, everything. I barely used the Science Weapons because they were underpowered compared to standard weaponry, though the Shrink Ray was cute for a few minutes.

My Score:

Story: 7/10 (Cool concepts, nicely executed, although some parts felt contrived - like "Corporations are Bad" and "Get Pavarti a Girlfriend" and "Star in this weird movie for no reason" etc.)
Choice & Impact: 4/10 (It was nice to change the ending of the game, but I barely ever saw the repercussions of my actions except with ousting Reed and getting Udom replaced.)
Gunplay: 8/10 (Fun to gun, probably the best part of this game)
Armor: 5/10 (Not really impressed by the similarities of armor. Liked the Spacer's Choice Moon Head, never used it though.)
Arsenal: 7/10 (There is great diversity between weapons, and I like how they share ammo types.)
Scenery & Level Design: 6/10 (Two planets with multiple drop points and space stations felt copy/paste. The skies are pretty and the flora is nice too.)
Enemies: 5/10 (The enemies are fun to shoot, but the lack of diversity or any real challenge on the 2nd hardest difficulty is a let-down.)
Replayability: 5/10 (Supernova doesn't sound attractive after beating it on Hard, tbh.)

Overall: 47/80 (It's a good game and I would recommend a playthrough, but definitely will not be booting it up again unless there's DLC for those locked planets.)

Note: I thought the whole quest for Max where we tripped balls with the Hermit and killed Max's ego was actually one of the more interesting quests in the game. Loved the introspection and exploration of self.

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